Programmatic Objective 6

Youth and Gender Programmatic Objective

Programmatic Objective 6

“Nurturing and harnessing the innovative potentials of Nigerian youth and women REEETs for sustainable development”

Under the youth and gender empowerment programme, the Alliance aim to provide platforms for investing in Nigerian youth and women so as to be able to effectively harness their enormous potentials, create wealth and maintain socioeconomic and political stability for the country. The Nigerian youth bulge and the concomitant high rate of unemployment coupled with the irking gender disparities have continued to pose serious challenges that needs to be addressed in Nigeria. As a consequence, the Alliance will mobilize the youth and women and empower them to access and

harness the opportunities in the REEE sector for sustainable development. All these are in line with the SDG 5 and 7. Table 6 shows specific objectives, strategies and expected outcomes for the implementation of Youth and Gender programmatic objective.


Table 9: Specific objectives and outcomes under Youth and Gender programmatic objective

Specific ObjectivesStrategiesExpected Outcomes
Promote the Nigerian Youth and Women Forum in the REEETs programmes- Mobilize the youth and women and empower them to harness the opportunities in the REEE sector for sustainable development.

- Support knowledge sharing and corporation among youth and women

- Provide targeted training and capacity development programmes in specialized REETs areas

- Offer fellowships, internships and mentoring services

- Reward and celebrate Nigerian youth and women inventors and innovators.
- Increased youth and women participation in REETs with improved capacity to undertake deployment practice and research for sustainable development

- Increased opportunity for knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration among Nigerian youth and women

- Increased ability of Nigerian youth and women to innovate and solve societal challenges.
Support the Nigerian Youth and Women in education, research and investment in the REETs- Offer a number of scholarships annually to Nigerian youth and women in REETs education and research.

- Offer supports to youth and women with innovative ideas to start up REETs business ventures

- Provide supports for innovation incubation in REETs programmes and links to venture capital.
- Production of quality REEETs graduates to support the growth of the industry.

- More jobs created to absorb young graduates.

- Increased capacity to manage businesses.
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