Programmatic Objective 4

Network and Information Exchange Programmatic

Programmatic Objective 4

“Developing new forms of networking, collaboration and partnership in the RE and EE space for sustainable development of Nigeria and beyond”

Under this programme, the REEEA-Alliance will seek to facilitate the culture of networking, symbolic collaboration and partnership within and among the stakeholders especially in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria for more indebt knowledge of REEETs. In this regard, the Alliance will facilitate networks for knowledge exchange. We seek to organize regular meeting the geo-political regions, establish regional learning Networks in RE and EE technologies. Under this programme as well, The Alliance will also develop and distribute Newsletters and Publications, Policy Briefs and Annual Report. Table 4 shows specific objectives, strategies and expected outcomes for the implementation of Networking and Information Exchange programmatic objective.


Table 7: Specific objectives and outcomes under promoting Network and Information Exchange programmatic objective

Specific ObjectivesStrategiesExpected Outcomes
Promotion of Networks in Nigeria- Creation of relationship between different regions and organizations(ranging from research membership associations to business membership associations)- Organized regular regional meetings

- Establishment of regional learning Networks in RE &EE technologies

- Organization of regular topical meetings
Facilitation of Information Exchange- Facilitation/Moderation of Networks by the Alliance to promote Knowledge Exchange- Development and Distribution of Newsletters and Publications

- Development and Distribution of Policy Briefs

- Development and Distribution of Annual Reports
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