Programmatic Objective 3

Trade and Market Development Programmatic

Programmatic Objective 3

“The Renewable energy and energy efficient technologies will create opportunities  for penetrating new markets and enhancing trade for sustainable development”

The REEEA-Alliance will be in the fore front in the conduct of awareness campaign in the emerging new markets in the REEETs space in Nigeria and beyond. Identifying and harnessing trade opportunities feeds into the promotion of environmentally sound production processes, improved resources efficiency, creating incentives for increased investments in REEETs and consequently leads to job creation. In this regard, we will intensify efforts at promoting national and international trade fairs, conferences, webinars, and matchmaking activities. We will also develop channels and linkage mechanisms for international companies with Nigerian partners in the Nigerian market. Our activities here will be in line with SDG 9 which seeks to facilitate green technology progress especially REEETs, promote inclusive industrialization, as well as foster innovation and sustainable trade. Table 3 shows specific objectives, strategies and expected outcomes for the implementation of the Trade and Market Development programmatic objective.

Table 6: Specific objectives and outcomes under Trade and Market Development Programmatic Objective

Specific ObjectivesStrategiesExpected Outcomes
Facilitation of Trade and Market accessConduct of Awareness Raising Campaigns, Trade Fairs, Conferences/Webinars and March making activities- Organize trade fair delegations to international fairs etc

- Organize Conferences/Webinars, exhibition and trade fairs

- Organize B2B events involving international companies

- Conduct of market research

- Provision of marketing materials
Serve as Information Hub/One stop shop for International companies looking for Nigeria partners to enter the Nigerian MarketDevelop Channels and linkage mechanisms for International companies with Nigerian partners in the Nigerian market- Communication with and mobilization of end–customers by the RE/EE companies.

- Awareness raising such as road shows, National RE and EE day etc

- Developing the right specifications for various system design for proper configuration within the Nigerian context
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