Programmatic Objective 2

Consultancy Services

Programmatic Objective 2

“Rendering consultancy services will bridge the gap between and amongst the actors in the RE&EE valorization chain”

REEEA-Alliance seek to render consultancy services to government at national and sub-national levels, private sector, civil society and community based organizations, national and international organizations including multi –lateral and international agencies, development partners, donor agencies/organization. We will seek to broker knowledge by bridging the gap between and among actors in the RE&EE valorization chain: scientist, policy makers, private sectors, national and international institutions, local communities and the media. With the knowledge brokered, we look forward to increased access to finance for RE&EE companies, transparent accounting processes and quality control mechanism put in place.

Table 2 shows specific objectives, strategies and expected outcomes for the implementation of the Consultancy programmatic objective.

Table 5: Specific objectives and outcomes under Consultancy programmatic Objective

Specific ObjectivesStrategiesExpected Outcomes
Rendering consultancy services to Government: Federal, State, Local Government, Private sectors, Civil society, National and International Institutions etc- Policy advocacy-work with existing institutions to facilitate the development of an integrated and coordinated RE and EE policies and enactment of laws

- Knowledge brokeragebridge the gaps between and amongst the actors in the RE&EE valorization chain: scientists, policy makers, private sectors, civil society, local communities and the media
- Result- oriented and coordinated policies and laws put in place to drive investments in the RE&EE space for sustainable development of Nigeria and beyond

- Effective knowledge sharing of RE &EE technologies as well as provision of independent assessment of Nigeria’s readiness on policies, regulatory and legal status` for REETs deployment and upscaling.
Rendering of consultancy services to REEEA-Alliance member organizations- Consultancy services to RE/EE companies on fundraising, preparation of bankable proposals, accounting and quality control mechanisms

- Legal services for members, mediation and arbitration

- Consultancy services for end customers(users) on viability of RE and EE solutions
- Increased access to finance by RE&EE companies

- Transparent accounting processes and quality control mechanisms put in place.

- Eased the burden of members of legal tussle and encumbrances

- Increased patronage of RE&EE products in Nigeria
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