Programmatic Objective 1

Training, Sensitization and Capacity Building

Programmatic Objective 1

“Strengthening individual and institutional Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Technologies (RE&EETs) skills and knowledge for achieving sustainable development”

The training, sensitization and capacity building programmes is designed to improve and share the knowledge and skills of relevant stakeholders at individual and organizational levels at different aspects of RE &EETs policy research, policy making and advocacy. Compared to the rest of the world, Nigeria and indeed Africa’s capabilities to generate, deploy and use the REEETs remain low.

The consequence of this is the low quality control and assessments mechanism, lack of bankable business models and low funding mechanisms.

During this strategic phase, we will ensure that there is increased collaboration between the RE and EE actors within and outside Nigeria so as to deepen the knowledge and access. Table 1 shows specific objectives, strategies and expected outcomes for the implementation of the RE&EE training, sensitization and capacity building programmatic objective.

Table 4: Specific objectives and outcomes under Training, Sensitization and Capacity Building programmatic objective

Specific ObjectivesStrategiesExpected Outcomes
Develop series of RE/EE training manuals- Identify hotspots of training interventions through scoping studies

- Collaborate with partners to develop training manuals as may be required
- Readily available and accessible manuals for quality control and assessment, fund raising, business models etc to aid sustained RE&EE capacity building in Nigeria and beyond

- Increased collaboration with other RE&EE actors within and outside Nigeria
We undertake training and capacity development for relevant stakeholders with on emerging technologies and new products in the renewable energy and energy efficient space- Undertake capacity needs assessment prior to mounting RE&EE training programmes

- Collaborate with likeminded organizations to implement RE &EE training programmes

- Monitor and evaluate all training programmes
- More suitable interventions that meets the needs of stakeholders accomplished

- More stakeholders become aware and improve on theircapacity to deploy RE&EE technology knowledge and skills for sustainable development

- Increased ability to meet stakeholders’ RE&EE needs through training and capacity building
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