Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

The general characteristics of membership organizations under REEEA-Alliance are; they are regulated by law, registered as non-profit organizations, either have compulsory financing or receive voluntary monthly dues, further, their activities are either related to a specific sector (e.g. renewable energy and energy efficiency) or to the region they are active in. Principally, membership organizations are created to attend the common interest of the associated companies or organizations, hence bringing members together but to retain the members the organizations have to offer an interesting and demand driven service portfolio.

The first stage of the Alliance consists of basic and therefore, cost-efficient structures. It consists of their member organizations, an elected Steering Committee (SC) with one focal point (FP) per member organization; a neutral Coordination Desk Officer (CDO) on operational side.

The CDO will, among other tasks, coordinate meetings with the Steering Committee, report back to them, organize activities, and will identify the needs, information and requests from the Alliance members. Most importantly, the CDO will introduce a traceable, well documented, and trusted communication and monitoring system, that ensures transparency and allows for building trust among the member organizations.

Each member organization allocates a focal point that will represent the respective organization in the Steering Committee of the Neutral Member Alliance. This focal point will be acting as a liaison between their respective organizations and the neutral Coordination Desk Officer.

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