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Our Vision

To use Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Technologies (REEETs) as a means of improving energy access in Nigeria

Our Mission

To improve the quality and standards of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies (REEETs) research, policy

Overall Objectives

To build Nigeria’s capabilities in renewable energy and energy efficient technologies for sustainable development


The Formation Of REEEA - Alliance

The three (3) year REEEA-Alliance Strategic Plan is the organization’s process for defining her strategy so that she can accomplish specific goals and objectives. The organization also seek to utilize Strategic planning on a large scale, such as planning for organizational growth over several years to reach its mission. The document will also be used on a smaller scale, such as crafting a marketing plan or developing a strategy for the goals of businesses in the RE/EE sector. Either way, the benefits of a Strategic Plan, include the following:

  • Aligning the goals of members or projects with larger sector goals
  • Provide clear communication to members, stakeholders, and donors
  • Clearly define the vision and mission of an organization; and
  • Provide clarity on how to deal with internal or environmental changes.

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Priority Areas

Thematic Priority Areas


Energy supply in Nigeria can be classified two main categories: urban and rural. Urban areas essentially on

Climate Action

SDG 13 requires that every country takes action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Research Support Services

In order to address the age long data gap in the RE&EE space, the REEEA-Alliance seeks to build

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Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Associations - Alliance

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Key Aspects of REEEA-Alliance Development

Strategy and Focus Areas

Institutional strengthening of organizations can only be done through a holistic approach to improvement. The most important factor for a successful organization is to establish a clear strategy and define focus areas.


Services, Stakeholders.

Marketing & Communication

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning (MER&L)

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